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Gagik Daghbashyan exclusive blitz interview, English version

The Armenian Soccer internet portal is glad to present Gagik Daghbashyan. The player of FC Banants tells his story in an exclusive blitz interview for www.armenian-soccer.com

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AS: At what age did you begin playing football, what stages have you passed?

GD: I have started playing football for FC Banants when I was 12 yrs. old in 2002. The offer to play for U-18 National Team came when I was FC Banants player. Now I am already a U-21 National Team and FC Banants starting line-up player.

AS: In the future will you want to continue your career outside of Armenia?

GD: Yes, sure.

AS: What are your objectives in football?

GD: My goal is to become a world star.

AS: Do you view yourself as a successful footballer?

GD: Yes, I view myself as a successful player.

AS: Who do you feel yourself obliged for being a footballer now?

GD: I owe my family for my career.

AS: Do you think present-day Gagik Daghbashyan can reach the level of the National Team?

GD: The time will tell.

AS: You played for Armenia U-21 Team against Montenegro this year. What is your opinion on the team’s chances and your performance?

GD: This year our team has very good chances to be successful. As to my performance, I could have definitely played better.

AS: FC Banants Academy is in front of your eyes. Do you see the new generation talented youngsters who will be able to step up after you as U-21 National Team players?

GD: There are always good substitutes in FC Banants.

AS: Is there a club you would like to play for?

GD: I would like to play for Chelsea FC.

AS: Is there a footballer you would want to resemble?

GD: I would very much want to play like Roberto Carlos, Dani Alves or Marcelo.

AS: Except for football what other sports you are interested in?

GD: I am attracted by tennis and swimming.

AS: What type of rest do you prefer?

GD: Active.

AS: Thank you. We wish success in your football career.

GD: Thank you.


Interview by Haykuhi Arakelyan for Armenian Soccer
Photos are kindly presented by G. Daghbashyan
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