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Lewandowski's problem? Not really...

Poland, Armenian rivals in the coming 2018 World Cup qualifiers, got promotion to the quarterfinals of the EURO 2016.

A story by Dariusz Kurowski exclusively for Armenian Soccer.


In the round of 16 in Saint-Etienne they eliminated Switzerland after 1-1 draw and penalty shoot-out won 5-4. Polish players scored penalties perfectly, while Swiss star Granit Xhaka missed one and his team had to come back home.

On Thursday Poland will face Portugal in Marseille in a quarterfinal. They will play for the first time ever on this stage of European championship. There is a real euphoria in the country, but the players noticed it more calm. Kamil Glik, a rock of Polish defense, declared:

- Nicely to do it, because for sure not so many believed in us. So far we got good results and nobody don't need to feel shame of us”.

Defensive midfielder Grzegorz Krychowiak added a little bit philosophically:

- Poland in the best eight of Europe? It sounds great, but I believe that is only a beginning of our way. So far we practically haven't won anything yet, despite it is historical result for Poland. Our ambitions are much higher. How high? Our ambitions are concentrate on the next game which we would like to win.

For the coach Adam Nawałka the most important is that the team isn't over-motivated:

- Players did fantastic job. Everybody should estimate it and which let me have enough optimism before the next game. We are prepared for it in a mentally reason. My players still have so much reserves in their minds. I am very glad of that.

After each game Nawałka had to answer the same question – why Robert Lewandowski hasn't score a goal yet at EURO? He calmly explains:

- We don't have a problem with the fact that Robert hasn't scored a goal yet. He did fantastic job for the team and work hard for Poland in each game which should be noticed. Thanks to that other our players in forward have much more space. He is a real locomotive of our team.

It is really a nonsense to describe Lewandowski as a player out of form. He seems to be rather a lonely person in front of Polish attacking line without good enough support. He told it in a straight way after the last group match against Ukraine:

- First at all I have no scoring opportunities. How I can score, if I had one for three games? It's a pity. But on the other hand, the most important is that other players had them, because for me the team is the most important.

On Thursday Poland will play in quarterfinal in Marseille against Portugal. The game described in Polish media as a clash of two world class stars Lewandowski versus Cristiano Ronaldo...


Images: ©Armenian Soccer

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